ADR Platform believes that ADR has incredible untapped potential for cost and time saving. For this reason we are advocating for an open-source regulatory and non-regulatory framework.

Regulatory framework

ADR platform believes that through effective regulation the potential that ADR has, can truly be met. Important about ADR regulation is that a balance must be met which ensures that flexibility is maintained. ADR by definition is a field with much flexibility in practice and it is important to ensure that all disciplines are catered for. What regulation can do is ensure that a system of quality assurance is implemented. Furthermore, regulation is an effective way to embed ADR into general society. By implementing an opt-out model as well as an obligation for business and governments to attempt ADR we can ensure that it becomes effective.

We have documented the regulatory framework in a White Paper. In this White Paper, we layout the concepts and institutions that are required to effectively police, implement, embed and stimulate ADR. You can download the White Paper here.

Non regulatory framework

What regulation shouldn't do is dictate content-specific grounds of ADR. The regulation of these specific disciplines is best left to the market to decide together with stakeholders. We are a big advocate of using ISO and harmonized standards for the various disciplines of ADR. The non-regulatory framework will consist of a multitude of content-based standards for the various disciplines of ADR. Through these standards, we can then account for local differences as well as ensuring that quality is ensured across the ADR sector.

Open source

All the standards and White Paper documents that we create are not owned by us. We don't apply any form of protective licensing on them and anyone is free to use and modify them in any way that suits them. Furthermore, we want to engage in an open discussion with everyone to ensure that the standards and frameworks that we propose are representative and proportionate. We thus invite everyone to share opinions, ideas, and criticisms. We want to develop this standard using the principles of open-source and we need everyone for that. We will also regularly post or update people if we need specific input or if we want to hear from you on a specific item.


Whilst we ourselves have focused on the EU in our White Paper, the framework will have global application. All countries and regions can in theory implement this system of ADR regulation and concepts that we use in the White Paper to maintain quality such as accreditation are internationally recognised. Of course, it is possible and recommended to adapt regulation to the cultures and traditions of locals.

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ADR platform is focused on the advocacy and application of sustainable and effective ADR. We work on the creating of ADR dispute boards and are actively involved in lobbying for an effective framework for ADR that ensures effective application and high-adoption rates.

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