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ADR Platform is an independant and non-profit ADR Provider and advocacy platform. ADR Platform is currently in the processes of setting up an effective regulatory and non-regulatory framework that will ensure ADR is used in an effective and sustainable manner.


ADR Platform is an ADR provider and advocacy platform aimed at advocating the effective use of ADR. Through dispute boards we are building a model through which effective dispute resolution can be conducted. Furthermore, ADR platform aims to work together with the ADR market at large to build a consensus around a regulatory and non-regulatory framework for the effective application of ADR.

ADR Platform is in favour on the use of ODR Techniques. The processing of complaints is done through one or multiple of the following disciplines: arbitration, binding advice, mediation and negotiation. ADR Platform uses dispute boards to couple projects, groups, and sectors to tailor made dispute resolution processes. Read more about dispute boards here.


The ADR Platform is headed up by Professor Hans Mulder and Giel Tettelaar.

Hans Mulder is a professor at the Antwerp Management School of the University of Antwerp. Hans is an expert in the fields of ICT, ADR with a focus on Arbitration and Mediation and is an expert for the Dutch courts. He frequently combines these specialisations to analyze conflict dynamics within large ICT organisations and government ICT projects. He is the European Research director for the Standish group who provide cutting edge analysis of disputes in the ICT sector. Together with this father, Hans was involved with the founding of Mediation in the Netherlands through the Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI).

Giel Tettelaar is an expert in the field of software development and certification and has been working in the field of certification since he was 15 years old through Global Network Group. Initially working of expanding Global Network Group into the African continent. Moving on from that he started DMI EMCI, a certification body appointed by the European Union to certify products in the maritime sector for entry into the European Market. Giel's experience with ADR comes from working with the ADR Register to provide certification of ADR practitioners.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many problems for effective dispute resolution and having already seen the issues facing the ADR field over the last view years Hans and Giel decided that the time was perfect to propose a new framework and vision of the ADR market that can ensure effective, efficient and low-cost dispute resolution for everyone,

Founders: Prof. dr. Hans Mulder and Giel Tettelaar

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ADR platform is focused on the advocacy and application of sustainable and effective ADR. We work on the creating of ADR dispute boards and are actively involved in lobbying for an effective framework for ADR that ensures effective application and high-adoption rates.

ADR Platform is a non-profit organization and any incomes will be invested into our various projects.

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